Pushpraj Ruhal

Hi my name is Pushpraj Ruhal, offering a warm welcome to my website. I am a decisive, articulate and a disciplined professional with more than 10 years of experience in Software development and engineering.

In June 2007 I started my career with Avery Weigh-Tronix as my first job. During my tenure I have also participated in CMMI implementation for ML3 staged representation as an appraisal team member. I learnt about corporate culture with the importance of a professional attitude at workplace.

Presently, I am a software professional working as a Senior Software Engineer with Sitecore, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My current role brings me a new challenge everyday, no two days are same for me now. Before Sitecore, I enjoyed being a part of cloud solution development with Exact. Prior to Exact, I worked for Custommedia as a System Technologist. This role enabled me to develop my skills in .Net framework and user experience designing. I enjoyed this role, finding it rewarding and challenging at the same time.

My studies have included masters in computer applications where I studied software engineering, object oriented programming, databases applications and many more subjects. I have achieved a significant expertise in software programming using Microsoft’s .Net. I have the confidence in my skills and devoted interest for my career. Software engineering is such a career where the opportunities will become more exciting and appealing as necessity of computers progresses, hence advancing my professional life.

I love playing computer games specially the simulation and role playing genre; I find them so exciting to keep me hooked for hours. Apart of computer games I like being physically fit, I do regular exercise and attend self-defense classes which I find an excellent way of staying fit and preserve my interest to remain active. I also attend gym and try to challenge myself to push my physical and mental limits a bit further. I also enjoy making electronic gadgets which is my one of the oldest hobby which still fascinates me.

Computers has injected changes to us which could never have been prophesied, being witness of the expansion of computers helped me to choose studying software programming, and my passion has been continuously developing since then. I discovered my interest in engineering back when I was in primary school; I used to get fascinated by electronic and mechanical toys. Whenever I receive such toy, I take no time to disassemble to see how it work and then reassemble to see if it works again. Initially it seemed only a few of them survived, but eventually the survival rate begins to increase. I have a hunger for solving problems and discover the arena of software programming exceptionally worthwhile to choose as a career.

Pushpraj is common male name in India. In sanskrit 'pushp' means 'flower' and 'raj' means 'ruler' or 'king', to know more about Pushpraj (me) visit about Pushpraj Ruhal and find pushpraj.com on Google+

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Avery Weigh-Tronix VB6, VB.NET


Nagarro C#, WPF

Custommedia C++, IOT


Exact ASP.NET, Cloud

Sitecore Sitecore, Azure